This privacy statement concerns the way we collect, manage and protect your personal data, whether these are kept online or at our premises.

The personal data we collect may include name, age, date and place of birth, identity number, passport number, citizenship card details, card, and contact details (telephone numbers, e-mail address), personal preferences and any other information to address your medical needs or any allergies.

We may receive information about minors in specific cases and only with the consent of the parent or guardian as it is not a policy of the business to receive personal data directly from minors.

The data is collected either on paper in our facilities or via digital communication channels. These data may include information about your check-in and stay in our hotels as well as transport services through your company’s vehicles or your participation in our events.

In addition, when using one of our platforms, we collect data from your computer even if you do not make a reservation. These may be the IP address of your device, the browser you are using, the language settings, the operating system of your device, the pages you visited.

If you use a mobile phone device, we may collect and process basic data that is installed on it. In addition, we may collect location data.

We collect data for:

  • Observance of legal obligations
  • Reservation services
  • Customer service and requests – answer queries
  • Performing surveys by sending questionnaires to improve our services and the services of our professional partners.
  • Marketing and promotional activities, sending newsletters, promoting offers

Personal data we receive may be disclosed to

  • Competent authorities if required by law
  • Competent authorities or relatives if the life / health / assets of a person are endangered
  • Advertisers who will be bound by confidentiality agreements and will not be allowed to use your personal data for other purposes
  • Service providers – third parties who can access your data through the use of social media
  • Financial institutions for settling payments or if deemed necessary to prevent or detect fraud

Users have the right to request the deletion of their personal data (unless there is a legal prohibition) and / or their correction if they are considered inaccurate. They may also request that their processing be restricted or opposed to further processing.

For privacy, comments, or questions, please contact us by email at

The Company reserves the right to update and modify this privacy policy whenever it is appropriate to meet its legal obligations, customer needs and its third-party partnerships.